About us

Panaque srl is a company founded by biologists specialized in the aquariological and aquaculture sector at the Experimental Ecology Laboratory of the Tor Vergata Rome University. During years, it develops a specific experience in aquatic animals breeding, designing, supplying and managing Life Support Systems of large Aquariums, Thematical Parks and marine turtles Recovery Centers.

Principal activities

  •  Designing, supplying, start-up and managing of Public Aquariums exhibits and LSS
  • Designing, supplying, start-up and managing of marine and freshwater aquaculture systems
  • Designing, supplying, start-up and managing of breeding and rearing systems for ornamental invertebrates and fishes
  • Designing, supplying, start-up and managing of ornamental lakes and sport fishing ponds
  • Designing, supplying, start-up and managing of recovery and maintenance systems for marine turtles
  • Designing, supplying, start-up and managing of maintenance systems for aquatic mammals
  • Editing and implementing of scientific research projects
  • Staff training and updating courses
  • General maintenance and exploitation of Public and Private Aquariums

Brief History

  • In the 1996 Panaque designs and achieves its own reproduction system for ornamental tropical freshwater species, reaching a production of more than a million individuals per year, for the national and international market.
  • Since 1998 Panaque offers its services to the Aquatic Resources management sector, which ranges from education area, to the edible aquaculture area, ornamental aquaculture and research area.
  • In the 2011 Panaque begins, in collaboration with Costa Edutainment Spa, the management and exploitation of the Cala Gonone Aquarium, in the Sardinia island
  • In the 2012 the ornamental invertebrates and fishes breeding section is sold. From that moment, Panaque main activities are the LSS designing and supplying and the management and maintenance of these systems among Large Public and Private Aquariums, Scientific Institutions and Public Facilities.
  • During the years Panaque has designed and actually produces, with its own brand, a line of protein skimmer, UV-c sterilizers and control systems.

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