Control systems

Control panel SiCoV

The SiCoV is a professional electronic device that has the objective to assist the aquarist in the control of the main parameters for the maintenance of good physical condition for the operation of both display tanks and storage tanks (sump). The SiCoV automatically adjusts the main control maneuvers and provides, at the same time , a clear and immediate view of what is going on in the tank. In case of anomalies it stops the systems and signals, even remotely, the differences occurred, allowing the operator to intervene without the situation may escalates.


Quadro SiCoV

Quadro SiCoV dettaglio

Quadro SiCoV dettaglio

Control panel SAF

A control system for the automation of washings in current and counter-current of the filters. The system automates, monitors and displays the sequence of opening and closing of the valves and of the pump/s flowing delivery to the filter. It detects the pressure and the operating flows by starting the washing sequence in function of these or at preset times and days. It also stores the times of the last wash carried out for future reference.

Quadro Saf

Quadro Saf


Quadro Saf dettaglio

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