Over the years Panaque has designed, and currently produces under its own brand, a line of protein skimmers, UV-c sterilisers and aquarium/aquaculture control systems

Protein Skimmers

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UV-c Sterilisers

PAN UV-c sterilizers, EASY series, are effective against various microorganisms and parasites, both in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The shape of the collector ensures a linear distribution of the water to be treated, avoiding preferential flow paths and laminar flows. The sizing of the water layer around the quartz sheath optimises radiation permeation throughout the entire layer of fluid to be treated. The highdensity polyethylene collector and the total absence of metal parts in contact with water make these models extremely reliable and durable, especially in salt water. The control system, able to detect and signal any malfunction ensures continuous and effective sterilization.

Fibreglass aquariums

Progettazione, realizzazione, installazione Acquari in vetroresina, acrilico e realizzazione Vasche Kreisel. Contattaci per info e preventivi – Panaque srl

LSS Control Systems

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