Protein Skimmers

Protein Skimmer

Our protein skimmers are designed to remove organic compounds such as proteins and amino acids through the effective formation of a very wide air/water interface. By injecting a large number of micro bubbles into the water column through a Venturi system the hydrophobic and amphipathic organic molecules are collected, transported and expelled from the treated water. In addition to proteins, our products have also proved to be effective against a variety of fats, fatty acids, carbohydrates and metals. Particulates and other debris are also removed, along with phytoplankton and bacteria, reducing the load on the filtration system

Model Power Portata / Flow
PAN_PSK_200 PLUS  120 W  1,45-2,5 m3/h
PAN_PSK_500  550 W  7-8 m3/h
PAN_PSK_600  550W  13-20 m3/h
PAN_PSK_800  1100 W  32-38 m3/h
PAN_PSK_800 PLUS  1100 W  32-38 m3/h
PAN_PSK_1000  1500 W  50-70 m3/h
PAN_PSK_1000 PLUS  1500 W  50-70 m3/h
PAN_PSK_1200  4000 W  90-260 m3/h
PAN_PSK_2000  8000 W 180-340 m3/h

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