LSS Control Systems

SiCoV control panel

Quadro SiCoV

The SiCoV is a professional electronic device that was created to assist the aquarist to control the main parameters of a Life Support System. The SiCoV automatically regulates the main control manoeuvres and at the same time provides a clear and immediate view of what is happening in the tank. In the event of anomalies, it stops the system and signals, even remotely, the occurred malfunction, allowing the operator to take action.

SAF control panel

Quadro SAF

Control system for the automation back- washing of filters. The system automates, control and displays the opening and closing sequence of the valves and of the pump(s) delivering to the filter. It detects operating pressures and flows by starting the backwashing sequence. It also stores the times of the last backwashings carried out for later consultation.